Features & Advantages

  • Design built for maneuverability for exit and entry of manure lagoons.
  • Provides durability in icy conditions.
  • Up/down hydraulic wings.
  • Up/down hydraulic hitch.
  • Up/down hydraulic rear wheels.
  • Hydraulic knife valve to shut off front nozzle when coming to shore.
  • GEA Farm Technologies 8” super pump.
  • 5 LED lights for nighttime use.

GPS Features

  • Mark your (4) perimeter spots and START!
  • Your JT Boat will automatically create its own path to completely cycle your pond
  • GPS tracks boat’s movement and time of operation.


An additional add-on to your GPS system allows remote interaction with boat(s) and tracking.

JT Boat Joystick Control Box

JT Boat joystick control box is easy to operate. Operator can keep their eyes on the manure agitator, not the control box. With each nozzle having its own joystick, the boat can maneuver forward/backward, side-to-side, or circular motion at any time.

Front Wheel Kit Available

AR 500 Wearable Parts Upgrade

  • AR 500 Housing
  • AR 500 Lined Impeller
  • AR 500 T

These products are proven to last up to 4x longer

1800 Series Technical Specifications

Length 22 ft.
Width Wings up: 8.5 ft. Wings down: 15 ft.
Weight 14,500 lbs.
Engine John Deere 6.8 Ltr. Tier IV 250 hp.
Fuel capacity: 125 gallons
Centrifugal Pump GEA 8″ super pump
Remote Control Functions Engine start/stop
Engine throttle increase/decrease
GPS functions
Hitch raise/lower
Lights on/off
Nozzles controlling/steering/propelling
Rear wheels raise/lower
View operating temperature
View engine oil pressure
View engine hours
View fuel gauge
Wings raise/lower
Agitation/ Nozzles 3 Rotating nozzles allow for forward/backward, side-to-side, or circular motion at any time.
Above ground nozzles allow user to spray down banks in lagoons.
Gate valve to shut front nozzles off when coming to shore.
Hydraulic Hitch Safely hook/unhook from tractor when backing up or retrieving boat from manure lagoon.
Also useful for braking ice in icy conditions.
Hydraulic Wheels Hydraulic wheels may go down to assist in getting in and out of manure lagoon.
“Depth finder” Hydraulic wheels may be used to find banked solids in manure lagoons.
May be used as an “anchor” in the manure lagoon in certain situations, such as docking boat for nighttime hours or washing down banks.

Problematic Conditions? No Problem! The JT Boat manure agitator has a clear cut advantage in these adverse conditions and more…

Thick Crust Conditions:

Simply direct nozzles above crust, soaking and breaking the stubborn crust up as it sinks and mixes into the slurry.

Sand Bars:

The JT Boat easily is able to move sand through pump and throw it out front nozzle, moving the sand pile across pit (to pump feeding drag lines or tanks).

Icy Conditions:

Extreme force of liquids coming out nozzles breaks up ice, while the steel floats are able to withstand the wear and tear of floating ice chunks.

Extreme Sand Conditions:

The JT Boat quickly and efficiently gets to work, providing a slurry consistency that is similar to the first hour on the job, to the last.

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