Manure Agitation Solutions

Fully remote controlled manure agitator. First in its class lagoon agitation system.

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The only boat in the industry that can be pulled down the road, NO TRAILER NEEDED!

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Balance of power, size and output makes this manure agitator a perfect solution.

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The Ultimate Floating Manure Agitator

JT Boats, LLC manufactures fully remote controlled, first in its class manure agitators. Operation with ease, safety, and output-ability is why you will love your JT Boat!


Designed specifically for agitating manure lagoons, the JT Boat is equipped with the latest in floating manure agitator technology. It is fully remote controlled to operate as a manure agitator, using a potent GEA super pump to agitate and bring solids off the bottom of your manure lagoon. The JT Boat manure agitator does not require a priming system and it is designed to minimize fuel consumption during the lagoon agitation operation.

Our videos demonstrate the ease of use and effectiveness of our manure agitator.

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